Firm Overview

Mission Statement

The Jones Law Group LLC was formed with the client in mind. We are dedicated to providing quality legal services in environment that ensures that clients feel valued and respected.
We are dedicated to advising smaller businesses, taking on smaller cases, direct one-on-one relationships, and maintaining a lower overhead.

About Us

The Jones Law Group LLC is boutique law firm established in 2001. It retains old-fashioned commitment to personal client services that while maintaining is standards for toughness, creatives thinking, and professional excellence.
Many law firms like to list the big name or corporate clients, but we are prouder of the people we represent – people, businesses, and institutions that may get lost in the shuffle at larger firms or may not fit into their corporate model. These clients are our lifeblood, and our service to them is our cause.
The Jones Law Group LLC understands all legal battles are ultimately fought on “local terrain,” and sometimes justice is not equal from all. The opened this firm on conviction that could render high-quality legal service to few clients, with one basic tenet – free of “The Big Law Firm” overhead so we could focus all of our attention on customer service, not meeting budgets.
Tyrone Jones
The Jones Law Group LLC also understands how hard it is for individuals to obtain quality service and commitment in an environment that may seem to be dominated by large, impersonal firms. We work hard to deliver high-quality legal services that fit within our clients’ budgetary guidelines. We understand the playing field isn’t level and know what it takes to deliver winning results for people with limited means: creative thinking, innovative strategy, and the will to take on powerful interests without deference or hesitation.
We work hard to differentiate ourselves for firms whose clients complain, their lawyers do not keep paces with changing needs, do not understand their business, do not provide timely response, and charge fees that high.
The Jones Law Group LLC provides the best of both worlds. We know how to litigate high-profile cases, but at same time, are determined to maintain the intimate, old-fashioned commitment to individualized service that qualitatives edge.